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Creche & Playgroup

Possibility Academy Crèche admits babies of pre-school ages of between 6 weeks and 2 years. These babies receive total care in our secured homely environment where high premium is placed on comfort, safety and hygiene.


Nursery & Primary
Possibility Academy operates the Montessori system of teaching from cradle through early primary stages. At Possibility Academy Nursery classes our ratio of teachers to pupils is two teachers to twenty pupils (2:20) and while other special teachers are in attendance.


Subjects Taught In Our Nursery Schools: 

* Letters

* Numbers

* Quantitative Tests

* Verbal Aptitude Tests

* Diction/Oral English

* Picture Description

* Rhymes

* Moral Instructions

* Social Studies

* Elementary Science

* Health Habits

* Story Telling

* Creative Activities

* Writing

* Songs / Music

* Bible Knowledge

* Physical Education

* Puzzle and Game

* Library Studies


* French Language

* Languages of the Enviromnment



The overall policy and focus of Possibility Academy’s Crèche, Playgroup, Nursery & Primary (Montessori) School is to prepare the pupils for greater exposure and further education and to equip them to play prominent and purposeful leadership roles in the larger society in the future.


Staff Training
Staff training is broad-based and ranges from technical training to curriculum development, attitude, leadership, poise and etiquette, financial planning, ICT training and so on.
And at Possibility Academy we intend to continually pursue as a matter of policy the continuous upward improvement in staff morale, technological skills and attitudes.


Admission is open to children from all races, nationalities, religions, creed and social-economic background.


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